Exclusive Handmade Cues

by master cuemaker Roman Yakimov

Over the years of constant practice I’ve developed unique techniques for preparing and processing materials used in cue making. The production capabilities have been significantly expanded since when I started, which allows me to accept and fulfill orders of any degree of complexity.

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Kirill Anishchenko \ Testimonials

I’ve been playing with my one and only cue for quite a while now. It has become my right-hand tool for scaling new heights in the billiard world.

Before I got to know master Roman Yakimov in person, I’d only heard rumors of a skillful cuemaker whose works amazed even the most seasoned top-gun cueists.

In summer 2004 we finally met, and that’s when he put forward his idea to make me a cue superior—or at least equal—to that of mine. Naturally, at first I had doubts, as by that time I’d had dozens of such offers from different “masters,” unluckily to no avail. But when the cue was finished, I froze in marvel: indeed, it was on par, if not better, than my favourite cue. The balance point, straightness, density and other parameters were just perfect.

From now on I will certainly use the cue of this master cuemaker (No. 0017).

Such fine workmanship is a rare sight. Bravo!

The master uses only tried-and-true techniques. It is heart-warming to know that it’s a matter of principle for him to further develop ideas of great master Chemodanov and other respected cuemakers of the past. That said, he excellently covers the needs of the modern cue sports.


1. Top-notch quality in cuemaking:

a. Maximum precision in fitting any number of cue splices;
b. Full compliance with specified parameters;
c. Use of modern techniques (joints, multi-piece shafts, advanced point patterns, polishing components).


2. Varied interaction between the master and the client:

a. Exchange of old cues for new ones;
b. Alteration of a cue’s playing parameters.


3. A wide range of exquisite designs of the uttermost craftsmanship that grants cues individual playing characteristics.

I sincerely hope that over the years cues of master Roman Yakimov become heirloom-level works of art and vehemently sought-after collectibles.


Achievements in International and Russian national tournaments
  • 3rd place – European Championship 2004 (Kaliningrad, Russia);
  • Cup holder of Balkans Cup 2004 (Kishinev, Moldova);
  • 1st place – Balkans Cup 2004 (Kishinev, Moldova);
  • 1st place – European Championship 2003 (Kiev, Ukraine);
  • 1st place – World Championship 2002 (Willingen, Germany);
  • 4th place – Asian Cup 2003 (Almaty, Kazakhstan).