Exclusive Handmade Cues

by master cuemaker Roman Yakimov

Over the years of constant practice I’ve developed unique techniques for preparing and processing materials used in cue making. The production capabilities have been significantly expanded since when I started, which allows me to accept and fulfill orders of any degree of complexity.

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Individual Design and Parameters

Cues are handcrafted on an individual basis, according to the client’s preferences. The use of sophisticated high-precision techniques opens the door for executing even the most complex designs.

Bearing in mind best practices and advices of the country’s top players, I’ve come up with the perfect cue selection parameters that account for both sportsmen’s physique and playing style.

Our Achievements

Striving to optimize cues’ playing characteristics, I’ve cooperated with a great many of professional cueists over the past years.

As of today, my cues are used by leading billiard players such as
Vladimir Petushkov,
and many others


By purchasing one of my works (cue + case in a kit) you also get a free parameter adjustment and minor repairs after two months since the purchase.

The lifetime guarantee covers only models purchased directly in the workshop or via the authorized dealers.

Most recent work


For years I’ve been collaborating with the best jewelers and goldsmiths of the Russian South, which allows me to add beautiful inlays of precious metals and gems to my cues.

Cue Case

A cue can be complemented by a special leather case which, owing to its unique design, provides maximum possible thermal, water and bend protection.

Some websites on the internet may say they have my cues present in their stock. That is clearly not possible, as I make only bespoke cues customized specifically for the clients’ individual physique parameters.
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