Exclusive Handmade Cues

by master cuemaker Roman Yakimov

Over the years of constant practice I’ve developed unique techniques for preparing and processing materials used in cue making. The production capabilities have been significantly expanded since when I started, which allows me to accept and fulfill orders of any degree of complexity.

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Vladimir Petushkov \ Testimonials

It so happened that during Caucasus Cup I had to part with my favourite cue—my true-to-life stick.

On October 9th, 2004, when Russian Team Championship was in full swing, I met the well-known master at his exhibition called “Master Yakimov’s Handmade Cues.” And since I was curious about their playability, I grabbed some of the gorgeous cues resting in showcases to try them out.

The very first cue pleasantly surprised me: it was very playable, in the truest sense, despite being different in length and weight, and with a different tip. The other cues surprised me even more—I hadn’t seen such splendid cues in quite a while. Then and there I decided: “From now on I’ll be playing only with this cue of Yakimov’s.”

I guess the excellent characteristics of his handmade cues stem from the secret techniques of past grandmasters that Yakimov uses.

And, of course, from his own techniques as well.

By using different point patterns, woods, varied number of pieces he achieves individual characteristics for every cue. Namely:

a. Absorption and dispersion of cue deformation when making a shot;

b. Shaft stiffness;

c. No vibration when making a shot;

d. Multiple slicing provides minimum deviation of the cue ball when making an English or powerful shot.

e. Perfect balance point.

I’d also like to give special notice to the aesthetics, beauty and pinpoint accuracy of Yakimov’s work.

1st place − Juvenile Russian Championship 2000 (Moscow) (Russian Pyramid);

1st place − All-Star Championship 2001 (Yekaterinburg) (Moscow Pyramid);

1st place − European Championship 2002 (Minsk) (Russian Pyramid);

2nd place − World Championship 2003 (Russian Pyramid);

1st place − Khrustalny Shar Cup;

1st place − Championship 2004 (Dnepropetrovsk) (Moscow Pyramid);

2nd place − Rossiyskaya Gazeta Cup 2004 (Moscow);

2nd place − Russian Championship 2004 (Russian Pyramid);

1st place − Russian Championship 2004 (Saint-Petersburg) (Moscow Pyramid);

1st place − Longoni Cup 2003 (Saint-Petersburg);

1st place − International Championship 2004 (Kostroma);

3rd place – World Championship 2004 (Moscow) (Russian Pyramid)